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“ Technology changes the way of production, marketing and serving in the gastronomy „

Ibrahim Kistak, CEO




F&B Concept Development specializes in planning, developing, and guiding new restaurants on how to achieve long-term success, but also in providing sound solutions for existing restaurants to help them reach higher returns. Our expertise lies in bringing to our clients the mechanisms, and strategies necessary for their management team, chefs, and all ground staff, to deliver a memorable experience while keeping a healthy profit. These tools include efficient marketing, value perception, attention to details, basic functionality, work in harmony, style, and most importantly how to anticipate at every level of the business in order to deliver more than the competition, keep control of costs, and stay ahead of the industry.

Design/Interieur, % 90
Digital, % 99
Products, % 85
Finances, % 98

Our Service


Keep your digital marketing up to date with the latest mobile responsive web technologies and web apps to help you attract and retain customers.

Digital brand building

Digital solution on graphic design, multimedia design, website development and management.

Food Concept Development

We develop food, beverage and ingredient concepts that deliver the intrinsic benefits and nutrition of natural produce.

Digital Content

Nothing showcases your organisation better than well designed content. Share your marketing messages using attractive shareable digital content.We make also videos for clients to bring stories to life and create emotional engagement.


Promote your products and services across the web & social media. Make your target market aware of your brand and attract new business.

Digital Strategy

Knowledge is power. Let us help you make great management decisions by devising digital strategies based on insightful in-depth research.

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Meet the experts with hands-on industry experience, and a genuine passion for the sector.

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Ibrahim Kistak CEO

One can't think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well

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Torsten Schöneich CTO

I'm a Foodie

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Joseph Akwasi Creative director

What people say?

If you are looking for a reliable partner with industry insights & marketing know-how who can help you scaling your local business while optimizing existing work flows, I can highly recommend the team behind Octoplus

Simon Mader - Adbaker.de

What people say?

Octopuls.de verbindet die Offline-Welt die Old-Economy mit der New-Economy

Fabian Rossbacher - seo-day.de

What people say?

Marketing's job is never done. It's about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day

Michael Brenner - 6hmedia.com

What people say?

Ich sage nur Gastro SEO

Florian Meyer - Seomayer.de

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